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Danyang Yongggu Building Material Co., Ltd,

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Glass fiber mesh fiberglass rapier loom, the fiberglass warp and weft weaving by way of woven polymer of styrene acrylic emulsion, static immersion layer, after high temperature heat setting process it is an good energy-saving building materials.
  • Internal wall thermal insulation alkali glass fiber net is based on the alkali or alkali free glass fiber grid cloth as the substrate after coating modified acrylate copolymer glue and. Has the advantages of light weight, high strength……

  • External wall insulation mesh (glass fiber mesh cloth) is based on the alkali or alkali free glass fiber yarn, woven glass fiber mesh cloth as the backing material, and then a new alkali resistant products coated acrylic copolymer solution after……

  • GRC product reinforcing mesh is based on glass fiber woven fabric as substrate, the macromolecular alkali resistant emulsion treatment  A, the product high strength, good alkali resistance……

  • Use: crack mending drywall, gypsum board joints, various walls and other wall breakage Main performance: alkali resistance, good durable: high tensile strength and deformation resistance, anti crack: no deterioration, no froth: self adhesive of good。……

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Danyang Yongggu Building Material Co., Ltd,a professional manufacturer of Fiberglass products in China, locates in Jiangsu Province which occupies the extreme convenient transportation conditions in Yangtze River Delta. Fiberglass Alkaline-resistant Mesh, Self-adhesive Joint Tape and Fiberglass Yarn are our main products……

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